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Initial Consultation Visit---------------------------------------------------------------------------FREE

This is mandatory for all new clients

*  Meet with the client

*  Meet with your pets

*  Review and sign Service Contract Agreement

*  Pickup key

*  Please allow approx. 45 minutes for this visit.

Pet Sitting Visit 30 minutes

Up to two dogs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19.00

Up to two cats ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16.50

Extend any visit 15 minutes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8.50

Pet Sitting Visits Include but not limited to,

* Fresh food and water

*  Refresh or change litter

*  Proper removal of pet waste on walks

*  Administration of pill or liquid medication once a day

*  Brushing

*  Playtime of pets chose

*  One on one love time

*  Head, belly and ear rub  NOTE: Not only do your pets
love it, but if your pet has a lump it could be caught early

*  Clean up any pet mess the best we can

*  Bring in mail/ newspaper/ packages

*  Rotating of lights and window coverings

*  E-mail or voice mail updates of your pets

Mid-day Potty Break

Monday thru Friday Only

Includes up to two dogs---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13.50
If three or more days ---------------------------------- 11.50/day
* Note: If dogs need to be walked separately, the price is per dog

* Refresh water

Additional Rates

Additional Cat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  5.00

Additional Dog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  7.00

Additional Ferret, Bird, Rabbit or small animal of this size --------------------------  4.00

Pickup key and return key each way (if not using our safe key program)-  10.00

Lock out key delivery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25.00


Taxi Service
Pickup and delivered back home ----------------------------------------------------------------- 25.00

Per 30 minute wait time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15.00

Basic Dog Training
Includes commands sit, stay, come, down  30 minutes per visit------------------- 35.00

Barn Yard Animals

*  includes goats, cows, chickens, horses and barn cats or dogs------------------------------- Call for Rates
*  Feed, Water and Clean Area
*  We are available to meet and wait for your Vet or Farrier if you are not available.

Pickup and Delivery for all your Pet Supplies

* We supply a full line of pet food products , treats, toys, bedding and more from major companies. Eliminate having to go to the pet store, itíll come to you. We will be happy to go over our products with you.

Holiday Day Of

* Observed holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day--------------- 10.00
NOTE: Holiday Services Require Reservations Due to the High Demand Please Book Your
Dates at Least 2-3 weeks Ahead.


Cancellation Fees

There will be a $20.00 cancellation fee for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled service. Full payment will be charged if an associate of Bark Avenue Pets, Inc. arrives for a scheduled visit and services are not needed for any reason.

Area of operation

There will be a $4.00 trip charge per visit for any customer outside of a
20 mile round trip of zip code 27215 and no visit for anyone outside of a 35 mile round trip.

Hours of operation but are not limited to

7:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Friday
Before and After hours are provided at an additional charge of 4.00



Pet sitting * Mid-day break * Evening break * Administering medication *
* Pet walking * Taxi service *

 Phone : 336-362-3644

Fax : 336-449-0400