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Thank you for considering Bark Avenue Pets, Inc. to be the professionals to take care of your loved ones.

Bark Avenue Pets is an in home (your home) pet sitting service since 2007. We give our customers who, have four legged children at home, the peace of mind to go on vacation, last minute travel or stay late at the office and know a professional is caring for their pets.

We Know first hand that our pets would rather be home, in their own environment, where they can run, play and not be in a kennel or stacked cage system. We would not want that for ourselves why, would you want that for your pets?

The animals with which we choose to share our lives have personalities as dynamic and diverse as our own, and that's why we love them so much. As they selflessly offer us companionship, comfort, security and unconditional love, they become essential in our homes and hearts, make a profound impact in our lives in only the few short years of their own. Our pets enrich our lives in more way than we can count. In turn they depend on us to provide the care that they deserve.

Bark Avenue Pets is committed to giving pet owners the peace of mind while their away from home that, their beloved pets are in their own environment, happy, healthy and well taken care of by a professional pet sitter.

We find excitement, challenge and great satisfaction in caring for animals. We love their ability to live live to its fullest.

Thank you for considering Bark Avenue Pets as your pet care professional!

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 Our Certifications are as follows:

  1. Pet First Aid  and CPR through the American Red Cross

  2. Active member with the Rockingham County Humane Society

  3. Member of Pet Sitters International

  4. Continuing educational classes in the accreditation Course with Pet Sitters International

  5. PUPS Pet Sitters



Pet sitting * Mid-day break * Evening break * Administering medication *
* Pet walking * Taxi service *

 Phone : 336-362-3644

Fax : 336-449-0400